Recently bought a 2016 Ford F-150 XLT Sport and it has the new SYNC 3 infotainment system. It takes a bit of time - about 20 minutes and the unit rebooted at the end. ... More posts from the Ford community. When I plug my iphone 6s in, I do not get a Carplay pop-up or anything. Insert your flash drive into your computer’s flash drive port. 2017 Triple Yellow Premium Convertible w/6 Speed Auto ... 2015 Ford Expedition XLT 3.5 Ecoboost. ® By accessing Waze through SYNC 3 AppLink, you can collaborate with other users, outsmarting traffic by sharing information to get the best routes, and receive real-time alerts about accidents, road hazards and traffic jams. The update process will take 30-35 minutes, including occasional 60-90 second reboots to complete the installation. Remove any other flash drive devices from your vehicle and insert the flash drive with your updated SYNC files into the flash drive / USB port. By indexing the music, you can play selections by track, artist, album or genre. The Sync is totally inoperable at this point, as user above experiences, there is … The USB port won't even charge the phone anymore. I use USB 3, though, simply because the connection to your PC (assuming it’s USB 3) to update it will be faster. I am also having this issue via USB (not a problem with Bluetooth) with an iPhone 7. iOS 11.3.1. Sync 3 Update not working. Look at the file listings on your flash drive. For business. Ford sync usb drive - mp3 best practices with linux tools This a guide about how Ford SYNC interfaces with a USB drive with music files, in this case MP3s. I tried multiple cords, Apple and off brand. The Ford Sync screen stills shows this status even when I totally turn my phone off. save hide report. Your vehicle must be in park when you initiate the installation process. I have changed lightening cords. I have a 2017 Ford Edge with sync 3. Some of the graphics/icons don't line up properly or are the wrong aspect ratio as we haven't found all the correct files publically (or Ford are still working on them), so it's a mix of 3.3 and 3.4. 2013 PB ST3 H&R Sport Springs / Anthracite PD Stock Wheels / Garageline 20mm Spacers / Rally Armor Mud Flaps / Triple R Composites Front Splitter / Llumar 35% Whether it will work or not is a different question – I’ve only tried up to … I like 12.04 LTS, as it has a lot of free audio tools in both Gnome desktop and the CLI. I went to the manual menu input and turned on Autoplay and to Play All, still not advancing. Posted by 1 day ago. Close. share. There is a limit of 50,000 files per device in the handbook but it doesn’t make it clear if this is a limit of 50,000 files overall or mp3/flac files. Helpful Leave your answer Name. Press the Phone button > scroll to System Settings > Press OK > scroll to Bluetooth Devices > Press OK > select Off > select On. The version of Sync is 2.1 so we have bluetooth audio streaming, but that's not helpful, plus you get no artist or track info with BT stereo. Insert your USB drive into your computer’s USB port 2. This could take up to 30 seconds, Exercise your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act here. Download the software to your computer and save it to an easy-to-find folder or onto your desktop. The phone button on the radio doesn't work either, which is probably related to this. Doing a Ford Sync Master Reset 1. Using Waze inside your Ford vehicle is now easier since the much-loved, crowd-sourced navigation and traffic app is now compatible with available SYNC ® 3 AppLink. She did recently upgrade from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone 8 Plus, so I was thinking it could be compatibility issues between the new phone and the SYNC system, but my iPhone 6 won't connect either. When using my OP6 with my Ford SYNC 3 system, it takes several attempts of disconnecting and reconnecting to get Android Auto to load properly. Ford made claims that Sync 3 would support AA but failed to deliver, so far it looks liked they have failed miserably with the roll out. ... no the issue might be the sync 3. when you put the info on the USB there cant be anything else on the USB device or wont update. I have tried plugging in … My Ford Sync 3.3 does not seem to detect my iPhone 11 Pro anymore after updating to the latest iOS version 2 of my iPhones running iOS 13.2 does not connect to the Ford CarPlay via USB … Learn About Us. You connected it with Bluetooth, and you can make phone calls on the Phone setting — but music isn’t working, even though your iPhone says it’s playing. I downloaded USB 3 which looks to be the latest official Sync 3.4 update and it successfully updated my Sync unit from version 3.3 to 3.4 on my Ranger 2019. Submit Answer Related Questions Why is my Ford pass app not working? does not research or authenticate any of the Answers provided. I use an older version of Linux, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with a Gnome 2 desktop on an old Pentium-4 machine. I am always presented with a "device not responding" message on the entertainment system and on my phone it says that no compatible apps were found. Go to Applications and Utilities > Disk Utility. This is the easy part. Locate the DIRECTIONAL and OK BUTTONS in the center stack (location will vary). I don't have my phone paired (never re-paired after last master reset), only plugged in via USB. The Questions and Answers on this page are the statements and opinions of their respective authors and not 415. SYNC 3 27 can bring the power of Android Auto to your Ford. Right-click on your USB drive and select ‘Get info’ 4. Open Finder 3. For MyFord Touch/SYNC 2 and SYNC 3 equipped vehicles, you should see: For early versions of SYNC, you should see: Below are images of the file structure that will appear for a SYNC 2/SYNC 3 vehicle. AFAIK Ford hasn't fully implemented Android Auto in Sync 3, I work in car audio and that's a fairly sore subject for most customers with the Sync 3 system. When the update is installed, an Installation Complete pop-up will appear on your vehicle’s onboard screen. On SYNC, turn Bluetooth Off, then On. SYNC 3 automatically indexes your music every time a media player with new music on it is connected to the system through the USB port. Also, disable the Bluetooth on your phone. Make sure your vehicle is in a well-ventilated area as your vehicle must be running until the update is complete. I have used the voice commands to “Play All” and it starts from #1 and repeats. Select your flash drive from the list on the left. Failure to do this will delete data from your device. 415. Do you have a Sync3 with NAV? I skipped updating the firmware, formatting, etc. Posted by 4 days ago. Also will get a navigation card fault (this does not happen until I plug my phone into the USB). Browse the Flash Drive and select the XML log in the SyncMyRide folder. Make sure your flash drive is formatted to a file system called exFAT for SYNC 3 (other SYNC versions need FAT32 format). Extract/unzip the downloaded file to your flash drive. 400. This informative video explains how to make updates to your available SYNC®3 Software vis USB thumb drive. © 2021 Vehicle History Inc. All Rights Reserved. J. research process is at the heart of what we do and remains our number one priority. began because we believe everyone deserves access to unbiased, accurate information about every vehicle. I believe they are lacking power and cannot seem to find a wiring diagram for them. It’s quite simple: Right click your flash drive and then select. One was particularly frustrating as not only could it not see the phone, the Sync 3 GUI was in a semi-functional state and the map never displayed, only giving a spinning circle. You can talk to Google™ to interact with your smartphone while keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. I've tried to perform a master reset but it I can't access the options when I can even start sync up. If you don't, the 3.0 upgrade will not work. No charging of the iPhone either since the USB port is not working. If this does not work, continue to steps 3 … (. Simplifying the Depending on your version of SYNC, you should have different files listed. Went though the process with a usb stick, put it in, it said updating, eventually rebooted and seemed like it was all good. Hard reset of the phone. Why is my Ford sync 3 usb not working? For fun. a file ending in .lst (the filename may vary). Custom vehicle specific programming of a Sync 3 APIM Module. A flash drive with a capacity of at least 8 GB. Save Share. Sync 3 has support for USB drives but the Ford help pages do not seem to have any mention of maximum storage capacity and playlist formats. Just says at the top of the screen that a device is connected. Re-connect the flash drive used to udpate your SYNC system to your computer. You’ve connected your iPhone to your the USB port of your car with Ford SYNC, but it’s not playing music. Time. Disconnect your phone or device from the USB port. No connection to car stereo. Hey guys, So along with everyone else I’m sure, I for the message a week or so ago to update to sync 3.3 on my 2019. The USB port and Aux port also no longer work, I believe that is related to the media not working. In just three simple steps you’ll have your SYNC update installed. Make sure your flash drive is formatted to a file system called exFAT for SYNC 3 (other SYNC versions need FAT32 format). 2. Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). I have tried all the reset options given that I can find online and nothing works. To remember: You can operate and drive your vehicle during the install, so there should be no impact on your schedule. Make calls, return missed calls and listen to voice mail, as well as send, read and reply to text messages and access your favorite music through your favorite apps. Please log your activity in our system to keep your vehicle's records current. Reply. I am having some problems with CarPlay after updating to iOS 13.2. Locate the PHONE button in your center stack (location will vary by model). I have a 2012 Ford F150 and sync recognizes and plays music from the USB Flash Drive (stick) but will not advance to the next song, just plays the same one over and over. Not sure why it started working >1 month after I installed Sync 3 v3.0, but maybe it was Waze update that did the trick. Ford nationals is a sight to see. Ford India SYNC® SUPPORT 3 - Check Out Usb Port function Feature Once your phone is connected to SYNC®, lets you do what you need to do, hands-free while you drive. Indexing is the way SYNC 3 categorizes the music it finds on your media player. **Don’t drive while distracted. Under Format, you should see ‘exFAT’ Displayed PC users 1. Just curious to see if others have had similiar problems with the USB port? Veronica H July 30, 2020 0 Views 1 Answer Philip D answered on July 30, 2020 if your ford sync 3 usb is not working check the port for damage and debris. Since upgrading the firmware it's been a lot better but I still have had a couple of occasions where it couldn't connect to the phone on starting up. Oh, should point out that by 'clean USB' I mean that it has the latest Sync DL data on it and nothing else that would corrupt the drive or cause the update not to automatically begin. FORScan for Windows and a USB ELM327 OR J2534-2 OBD Programmer (NOT Included with programming purchase) is required to write your vehicle specific programming file to the Sync 3 APIM Module Pre-configured programming file will be sent to email address provided during checkout (within 48 hours or less - typically same day). If you force it, and it goes through there it will brake your system and there is a very ugly roll back process. Once the update process has begun, you may drive your vehicle. Sometimes, opening the door and letting the Sync screen turn itself off works, but often it does not. Since almost all new flash drives are formatted to a system called FAT32, you will have to change the format yourself. Since almost all new flash drives are formatted to a system called FAT32, you will have to change the format yourself. Post your question and let the Vehicle History user community help you out with the right answer. Ford Sync 2 - V3.8 and same after updating to V3.10. 1. Loading. It comes back up with the updated 3.4 sleek interface. 10 comments. For family. USB 3 is backwards compatible but the connection in the car is not USB 3 so you won’t benefit from the speed. I have the SYNC 3 w/ Nav as well. If your ford sync 3 usb is not working check the port for damage and debris. The drive must be formated in FAT32 format. My ford sync worked fine a week or two ago, but lately it won't even turn on. The front 2 USB ports have no power and do not light up. *Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are smartphone projection platforms (developed by Apple and Google respectively) which allow you to control select applications on each platform via a USB cable connected smartphone on the SYNC ® 3 touch screen. I have a 2013 Ford Explorer with my sync radio, recently the two USB ports stopped working.

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