White collar jobs seems to be the norm in our society today to the extent that even house wives that know what it cost both to purchase and prepare their family meals, overlook this money making opportunity in Ewedu vegetable farming and … Ewedu is good for people who intend on losing weight because of its low calorific content. People who live outside Nigeria may find some difficulties finding all ingredients according to the guide “how to make Ewedu soup with Egusi. Jute or Ewedu leaves are very rich in minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants; Jute or Ewedu is a good source of fibre, which makes it helpful in weight management Jute improves intestinal health and bowel movement. Transfer the Ewedu back into the pot. Stir firmly for 2 – 3 Minutes and set aside. To make the Ewedu soup, You have to pick the vegetable from the stalk, wash Ewedu leaves carefully 3-4 times to get rid of sand and dirt then blend the Ewedu leaves till it liquidated. Environmental requirements for planting Ewedu. This is very useful for people who want to lose weight. Ewedu soup Recipe is widely requested. For the Amala Step 5. Now add ground crayfish, locust bean, seasoning and salt to taste. It’s a mucilaginous and very slimy draw soup made from jute leaves, also known as ayoyo or saluyot leaves (corchorus olitorius). But a quick question- the ewedu leaves shown up there don’t quite look like the ewedu leaves I remember. 7. It is very delicious and nutritious and it has a slimy effect when it’s cooked which is very similar to Okra. Planting Ewedu, as said, earlier is very easy but needs some technical approaches to increase yield and profit in the long run. So, ewedu is perfect for a diet program. Blend your red peppers, tomatoes and the small chili peppers with onions to make a stew. In the average yoruba home, ewedu isn’t served alone. Do you want to date a Yoruba person, then you may try to cook this soup for him/her. Your Ewedu is ready. Ewedu soup is usually paired with peppery stew and assorted meats. Cook the Ewedu until it feels slippery or draws. Chop / slice, then blend the Ewedu, add it to a small pot of boiling water with a bit of Potassium salt to soften, include the locust beans, crayfish and a pinch of salt to taste. To Make the Stew 5. Allow to simmer for a few minutes. Ewedu is a traditional soup native to the Yoruba part of Nigeria it is often served with Amala or any other traditional swallow food like Eba, Pounded yam or fufu. Ewedu soup is a tasty Nigerian soup popular in the western part of the country and indigenous to the yorubas, a popular ethnic group in Nigeria. Ewedu soup is the most loved dish by Yorubas. Pour the blended Ewedu Leaves in a pot, add salt, pepper, crayfish, iru and other flavours. In addition, there are also various other contents such as vitamin B, magnesium, and zinc that have a role in maintaining weight. Well done Dooney. There are so many opportunities surrounding us more than we ever think exists. Fiber and fat in ewedu can make full all day. HOW TO MAKE EWEDU SOUP. Ewedu soup recipe. Ewedu soup is indigenous to the people of Yoruba, a very popular Nigerian ethnic group. 6. Haven’t made ewedu in ages- the remembered trauma of picking the leaves from the stems has kept me away from making this myself- but looking at these pictures makes me want to make ewedu now. Ewedu farming can actually put real money in your hands. But then I am guessing you know that already so we are going to delve right into the matter of the day which is totally about making Yoruba ewedu soup using this Ewedu soup recipe. Jute or Ewedu is high in vitamin A and therefore, promotes eye health Jute or Ewedu is one of the most affordable natural fibres. Ewedu cultivation is a very lucrative business. With the below tips, you can plant Ewedu successful. Ewedu needs a well-drained loamy soil that is rich in organic nutrients.

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