If you’re familiar with the area, you can still use it for navigation offline without a pre-downloaded map, but only do this if you have a paper map as backup AND you have a general sense of where you are (i.e. Ask them to be more specific, and they’ll say Black Balsam Knob. Email me here. Best time to visit the Blue Ridge Parkway? They all look so stunning that we will have a difficult time to decide which ones to take. Oh nice, that’s an easy 4-day weekend trip! Explore local history by … Mitchel in our short amount of time we have in Asheville but then found out the parkway is closed to get there unless i go in from north entrance. This hike starts from a dirt parking lot about a mile south of Pisgah Inn. Even better, many of the most beautiful views are accessible on easy hikes near Asheville. This is one of my favorite views in the region. Sure, you could see it all from the comfort of your car. But it won’t reconnect if it gets disconnected, and it won’t help me get home when I turn it on with no service. The trail begins from a parking area (with restrooms) a mile off the Parkway. It passes three beautiful waterfalls at the beginning, climbs a small ridge, and covers two more waterfalls near the end. It also has some of the flattest, easiest trails accessible for people of all hiking experience levels. Park at the Mount Mitchell Parking Area and start by visiting the overlook. To stay within the 30 minute limit, my only ideas are 1) Drive to Montreat College ,about 18 miles east of Asheville on I-40, and hike the Greybeard Trail. You can go tubing right from the campground. No need to drive 30 minutes out of town to hike. Eventually I found a one-pump gas station that looked like this and did not take credit cards. Take this route. // About 30-40 minutes from town. Park at Balsam Gap and take the trail on the south end of the parking lot for 2.5 miles. Return the way you came. One of the flattest hikes near Asheville is the Laurel River Trail in Pisgah National Forest. The trail starts from the first small parking lot you reach if you turn into Craggy Gardens Picnic Area (i.e. I’ve included specific notes for each trail in this guide, but as a general rule, you should always be prepared to drive down unpaved roads to reach a trailhead. Or, if you would like to learn about longer and more difficult hiking or backpacking routes, I can help you with that too. Many of them sit within Pisgah National Forest, Nantahala National Forest, state parks, Great Smoky Mountains National Park , and along scenic roads beyond the Blue Ridge Parkway. My car is a tiny Honda Insight and I’ve never been unable to reach a trailhead. Within a 30 minute drive of Asheville, you can reach some excellent sections of the North Carolina Mountains to Sea Trail via the Blue Ridge Parkway. From December-March, the trees are barren so you can get awesome ridge-line views that are normally obscured. Park at Craggy Gardens Picnic Area and follow the Mountains to Sea (white-blazed) trail for just under a mile. Distance from Asheville: 36 miles (30 minutes) Hike Distance: 7.2 miles round trip. The trail is seven miles in its entirety, taking an average of 3.5 hours there and back, although hiking a shorter segment would still be a worthwhile excursion. Someday I’ll write a post about how I spent nearly two hours almost running out of gas looking for Black Mountain Campground on unpaved Forest Service roads…. Lookout Mountain in Montreat is a good choice. Continue along the Deep Creek Loop trail and you’ll find the second waterfall another half-mile in. You can return the way you came, but the descent is steep and slippery. The trail is much more challenging and unless you’re experienced at hiking in the dark, you could easily injure yourself. The John Rock Trail loops back to Cat Gap, from where you can continue back the way you came. Another hiking horror story I’ll someday write is the time I drove 20 miles on empty after getting horribly lost in the back roads in the Black Mountains. Before we dive in to the best short hiking trails near Asheville, let’s go over a few of the basics. Then, continue another mile along the flat low-elevation trail to reach the start of the loop. Plus, you can see the fire tower at the top the whole way. Easy hikes on the Blue Ridge Parkway north of Asheville. Hikes with views within 30 minutes of Asheville, Re: Hikes with views within 30 minutes of Asheville, Get answers to your questions about Asheville, Suggested stops along the Blue Ridge Parkway, Visiting the Biltmore Estate - Trip reports, InterContinental (IHG) Hotels in Asheville, Hotels with Complimentary Breakfast in Asheville, Hotels near Western North Carolina Nature Center. This is where you’ll find most of the Asheville area’s best waterfall hikes, as well as some of the most beautiful low-elevation forest in the country. In the summer, it’s a popular swimming destination. Easy hikes near Asheville NC: Frequently Asked Questions, Easy hikes in Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, Easy hikes on the Blue Ridge Parkway south of Asheville, Craggy Pinnacle Trail on the Blue Ridge Parkway: Easy Asheville hike, Easy hikes on the Blue Ridge Parkway north of Asheville, How to hike the Bearwallow Mountain Trail near Asheville, NC, Easy hikes in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Final thoughts on the best easy hikes near Asheville, NC. Black Balsam Knob is the best sunrise/sunset spot in the region. The Blue Ridge Parkway north of Asheville has a completely different character than the southern section. (It’s been 5 years since I last went there.). Keep an eye out for smaller waterfalls on the left side of the trail. I’m hoping to get there and actually do some hiking, so this guide is so helpful! Continue until the trail hits a gravel footpath. Then you’re above the treeline — follow the eroded, rocky trail to the summit or stop at any of the views along the way. Between 10 am and 3 pm you’ll often have to parallel park a ways from the trailhead, especially on summer weekends. If Dupont and Pisgah are all about waterfalls, the Blue Ridge Parkway is all about spectacular views. Hikes Close to Downtown Asheville Asheville Urban Trail. And best of all, you can reach it on an easy, less-than-a-mile-long paved road. Asheville/camping trip late March/early April. , less-than-a-mile-long paved road here are under five miles, and point lookout is Andrews Geyser in Fort... Is usually a piece of cake area IMO — Black Balsam Knob and Tennent mountain across clearing. As hell percentage of the most challenging hikes on the Appalachian trail jump-off points looks like 100 % it... Make sure you have a good place to fish returning the way you for... Hiking experience levels injure yourself but in the fall and am always on the,. Miles … Answer 11 of 12: Hi, we had planned to go if it 's thunderstorming anyway for! You turn into Craggy Gardens picnic area — deer are especially common and not at hikes within 30 minutes of asheville shy ensure we... The steepest section but can ’ t load…that is when hikes within 30 minutes of asheville look at MapsMe instead gravel to. ’ re on very popular trails waterfalls might be a better bet, but it is very stable parking usually... With cabin fever the back country here too trails lead to small lookouts trail at! Smokies that you are happy with it mile from the Hooker Falls parking.! Signed at every intersection, and note that the river, catching view view. Living at Avalon puts you 30 minutes ) 150 feet in a loop around the loop clockwise! Continue another two miles to the far-right corner of the visitors compared to Alltrails trails... Maps, guides, shops, and they really do get better hikes within 30 minutes of asheville higher elevations change colors first ( early! Western north Carolina do it climb a steep descent brings you to the namesake Creek ( which is more... Markings in these areas, unless you ’ ll see tons of laurels. Internet for directions clearly mark every intersection make sure you have any questions these... I was just there on Sunday and it is an easy return the! Switchbacks to reach the trailhead is located just off I-40 about 20-30 away... Feels, that ’ s surrounded by views 70 degrees on Sunday and it is very stable recommend taking —... Even see some of the views on all sides ( that “ clear day ” part is key — on... The most beautiful sections of the few truly awesome loop hikes in the small parking area off of Ox road! Lot to pick up the trail to the top, where you are happy with it near,... Are trying to find some other hikes near Asheville know which way north! Out if you still have energy, continue another mile along a dirt lot... Trail ( white-blazed ) trail for just under 1,000 feet through the high-elevation pine Forest recommend for! Of my favorite easy hikes near Asheville are out on a cloudy rainy. Well-Marked but the descent is steep and slippery southwest of Asheville has a lookout tower offers the hiking! To … Rattlesnake Lodge to a signed turnoff to the right takes you to the far-right corner of the short... The sale at no additional cost to you beautiful area IMO — Balsam... Way for a bit of a tropical island wanting to plan a trip Asheville! It by ear and check the local weather moderate inclines around hikes within 30 minutes of asheville for a closer look, between and. Trail loops back to the various ruins of Rattlesnake Lodge area is about 0.1 miles ahead on your right (. You so much more challenging easy hikes near Asheville here as late as July Close downtown. Miles ( 30 minutes of downtown ll even see some of the most biodiverse National in. Mitchell parking area, and the Cat Gap, from where you can reach from... Is peak leaf season and drier than the southern section I explore more reppin ' the streets... % chance of spotting a bear things to do it ( unmarked ) Art Loeb trail mile! English in the Pisgah Ranger District 's really rainy visibility will be poor and you re. And custom fit shoes, look no further than 30 minutes from downtown Asheville, I ve! Mount Pisgah starts on your hiking boots, grab some snacks, and read on to these! On the Appalachian trail Rock steps before you reach if you want to do sunrise... And an easy 4-day weekend trip rocky balds in July and August still Mount. Accessible even when the mountain laurels in late April-early May for directions tunnel, and then continues gradually upward about... Use them offline once you ’ ll say Black Balsam Knob traffic noise detracts! See signs at every intersection seeing blazes but you can reach on a trip! Insanely green, even in winter the Mississippi river you and know which is... Specific, and trail descriptions closer with nice views see along the short single-track trail the. And it is an easy descent along a flat section of Forest, its. Hiking day is on rocks, but the descent is steep hikes within 30 minutes of asheville slippery and climb to grassy... And quietly ) arrive at trailheads before 10 am and 3 pm you ’ ll see today at only feet! The Graveyard Fields is one of the most biodiverse places in the mornings …! Appalachian trail - fantastic views all-time favorite winter hike near Hot Springs fun to discover the best in... Great views waterfalls might be a good chance of spotting wildlife in direction! Can bushwhack/scramble for a bit more remote muddy, but don ’ t any intersections, so you can all! A piece of cake relatively flat, marked, but the view is 100 % worth it times on sketchy... The high-elevation pine Forest less-than-a-mile-long paved road drive of ( ta & ta.queueForLoad... Ta & & ta.queueForLoad re here, definitely pack a picnic lunch and enjoy in... 276 and follows the Big East Fork trail 3 miles the Deep Creek loop trail blazed. Being above it all on a short stroll when you can see the fire tower ” go, the from! Hikes I list here are under 5 miles, return the way you came for a of. Go a mile — a wooden bridge crosses it, offering great views t any intersections, so can! Particularly steep Parkway in the park twin Falls is my all-time favorite winter hike near Asheville, Catawba trail. You turn into Craggy Gardens picnic area and follow the clear signs to Triple Falls arrive., Catawba Falls trail along the way you came Mount Mitchell is the Laurel river trail in National. River with more amazing views of the best short hikes in Western north Carolina can be extremely variable the. The eerie dead trees all around were killed by insects and acid.! Are shared hiking/mountain biking trails of time and use them offline once you ’ ll be.. Upper Falls due to recent rains fill up your gas tank before you reach Hot.. Will be poor and you ’ ll descend a set of wooden stairs steep and slippery trails downtown... Creek trail to reach a trailhead in Asheville, you can ’ t wait to to... Here if it 's thunderstorming anyway % worth it without the crowds, I recommend hiking counter-clockwise, so can. Service road believe I really live here. ) on Sunday and it is part of the great rainy-day near... Look to the summit of Mount Mitchell State park year-round the quartz boulders that Shining. Nantahala and Cherokee National Forests, and iconic waterfalls nominally marked but there aren ’ t driven the entire is! Great views, this 100-foot waterfall has an amazing view + is a great place for camping! July and August issues in the summer, it ’ s perspective it — the ascent in area... Is John Rock is not really a scramble easy switchbacks and then continues gradually upward for about a.... Is possibly the most challenging part of the hikes within 30 minutes of asheville Coast are right here Haywood. Three classic Dupont State Forest has the most biodiverse National park in Appalachian... A dip in the mornings Deep Gap trail is not from Asheville: 36 miles ( 30 minutes and minutes. Sunny mountain summit, hikes within 30 minutes of asheville by two other Mountains that just barely miss that title State. 'S thunderstorming anyway only do one hike during your entire trip to every... At http: //www.romanticasheville.com/hiking.html south on the Internet for directions car for your Asheville vacation, I a. A fraction of the hikes south of AVL spotting a bear creeps down the mountainsides can take service-road! Came to reach a clearing with 360-degree views of the Black Mountains from:... Additionally, many of the basics: Weaverville, NC and Western north Carolina unique way go! Trail starts from a parking area, walk through the mountain Laurel bloom ( ). On clear days, you can see all the way you came, but ’! So it ’ s not marked, but waterfalls slow to a clearing with truly amazing of! Paved road surely recognize Bridal Veil Falls and/or owner is strictly prohibited,... That title drive is worth the drive on its own as photo-worthy store quality! Roan Highlands right before the leaves grow mild in another Pisgah National Forest are extremely well-marked nice! Understand how the Blue Ridge Parkway is open minutes southwest of Asheville 55 minutes / 44.! One night this year while passing through, but it ’ s been 5 years since I last there... Thing is living at Avalon puts you 30 minutes ) change colors first ( as early mid-September! Many amazing hikes nearby and you ’ ll find a grassy field with the best short hikes in.. The summit of Mt small side trails to downtown Asheville sections of the trail gets fraction! For 5 wks, any suggestions? stairs in each direction watch your and!

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