Use a raw cinnamon stick to stir your tea or other hot beverage. 2. While hundreds of nutritional supplements take the form of powders that become beverages when mixed with water, there are far fewer formulas that are already in a liquid state when you buy them. Klean Kanteen beverage containers and accessories can be ordered from their website, through their store locator, and distributors. If so, offer plenty of both types of beverages, and don't push any type of drink on your guests. : One of the tea ladies revealed that her employer had an unusual taste in beverages as he enjoyed his cup of tea with a spoonful of honey. For more information on possible interactions Drug Digest has a very user friendly data base which includes herbs and medications, their interactions with each other, and with foods and beverages. Milk in final packaged form for beverage use must be pasteurized or. TEA (Chinese cha, Amoy dialect te), the name given to the leaves of the tea bush (see below) prepared by decoction as a beverage The term is by analogy also used for an infusion or decoction of other leaves, e g. They are the only antioxidant fortified coffee/tea beverage on the market. For example, set up a refreshment stand and offer a few items such as beverages and small snacks for your patrons to enjoy. Toggle navigation fatLingo . Some people like to taste the alcohol in their beverages, and others prefer it masked with mixers like soda, juice, coffee or dairy products. 23 examples: The beverage industry was very large and widespread. It sounds like the perfect alternative for people who like regular soda pop or other sweet beverages. Check the meaning of beverage. Be wary about distracting scams involving someone spilling a beverage or food on your clothing. These usually include a comfortable massage chair and a free beverage. At a whim will they eat your change, or dispense free beverages like some form of glass fronted god. You cannot consume any other beverages. The use of the kava root, here called yanggona, from which the well-known national beverage is made, is said to have been introduced from Tonga. Because dairy products are an important source of calcium, people who reduce or severely limit their intake of these foods and beverages may need to consider other ways to consume an adequate amount of calcium. Coca-Cola has a secret formula for its beverage that is only known to a small group of people. Beverage options include sodas and iced tea, and for dessert you may choose almond cookies or sweet pastry puffs. As a basic element of flavor in everything from breads to beverages, ginger is not only a culinary treat, but also a valuable herb. Their inventory includes red, white, and blue selections such as: bedding, beverage glasses, bookends, figurines, flags, lamps pictures, pillows, plates, wall decorations, weathervanes, and more. Shared an adult beverage too. There is also a lockable bar suitable for the sale of alcoholic beverages, subject to license obtained by the hirer. 8. a drink, usually referring to soda or something with alcohol. For beverages, traditional hot teas may not be very appealing to young guests. In addition to this drink the only other beverages consumed are an herbal laxative tea, salt water flush and peppermint tea. 62 52 The universal beverage of the people - chicha - is made from Indian corn. One study done at the University of Kansas did find a connection between caffeine (which is found in cola beverages and some other soft drinks as well as tea and coffee) consumption and tic severity in children. Diet soda offers dieters a beverage with a sweet taste and low calories. You can expect to find a variety of nutritious staples at the food bank, including canned fruits and vegetables, grains, protein options, breakfast cereal, and beverages. These beverages are mixed with one or several types of distilled products (vodka, gin, whiskey, etc.) caffeinated beverage 2 hours prior to the test. However, in some cases government fees, taxes, alcoholic beverages, personal expenses, shore excursions and gratuities are extra. Two metal pieces mix up foods and beverages. Apple beverages - Apple juices and ciders are very popular, especially in the fall season when apple harvesting is at its peak. After a few drinks too many, my drunk husband and two of his buddies decided to climb high up the mast with their beverage cups clasped between their teeth. Whether flavored or unflavored, many are packaged as drink mixes or intended to mix into a blended concoction to create a frothy milkshake-like beverage. In fact, alcoholic mixed drinks come in all shapes and sizes, from highball to lowball beverages. Another word for beverage. The Professional Food and Beverage Blender is one of Waring's finest blenders. Beverage; 1. Caffeinated beverages are diuretics and serve to dehydrate you further. Here you find articles in the encyclopedia on topics related to drinks and beverages. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: For each interval, participants were asked questions on drinking pattern comparable to those asked for the past 30 days and asked to estimate what percentage of the drinks consumed during that interval came from the specific beverages consumed during that interval. This includes all beverages, snacks, and retail products. The journal includes space for each meal including beverages and snacks. Out of that, $1.00 goes for a beverage of choice and $1.00 toward the prizes. None of the persons have the same pet, smoke the same brand of cigar or drink the same beverage. Beverages can be made without alcohol for those that do not drink but want to experience the ambience. Some practitioners suggest consuming no more than six glasses of this per day but others say that you can drink as much of the beverage as you want. It's true that green tea is good for you, but don't forget that it's also a delicious, relaxing beverage. This inexpensive, family friendly café serves unique gourmet food and beverages. Even mildly acidic foods or beverages can interfere with the gum's nicotine absorption rate. The blend of juices and alcohol creates a wonderful, popular beverage that is still a favorite after many years. Beverages: In order to reduce fares, some cruise companies do not include the cost of alcoholic beverages. 0. Recycled plastics also create new food and beverage containers, but can be used to make shoes, purses and home décor items. It may be a laugh to post pictures of yourself enjoying alcoholic beverages, dressing up in funny costumes or carousing with friends, but employers have been increasingly using networking sites to check up on their potential hires. A plethora of beverages are available for those seeking to quench their thirst with various types of artisanal teas, sake, sparkling wines and spirits. Green Tea Extract: It's not only one of the most popular beverages in the world! Instead, slowly wean yourself from the substance until you're only drinking one or two caffeinated beverages each day. The berries are dried in the sun and sent down to Hodeda or Aden, where they are subjected to a process for separating the husk from the bean; the result is about 50% of cleaned berries, bun safe, which is exported, and a residue of husk or kishr, from which the Yemenis make their favourite beverage. Don't bring glass beverages into the pool area and instruct your guests that they shouldn't do so either. Synthetic fructose (in the form of corn syrup) is used as a sweetener in many foods, including baby food, and sweetened beverages. Beverage in a sentence (esp. Strain, don't simply pour, the beverage into a martini glass. These snacks may include empty calories from sweets and sweetened beverages. An interesting feature of fructose intolerance is that children affected by the disorder develop a powerful protective aversion (feeling of intense dislike) to sweet-tasting foods and beverages. That beverage was already known to the French and had been given a special name. She now lives in Aspen Colorado, and is the head chef and Director of food and beverage catering for Altitude Aviation Catering and Cecily's Restaurant. Alcohol itself contains no carbohydrates; however, there are carbohydrates in many alcoholic beverages. The total amount exported from Paraguay in 1908 was 4133 tons. Examples of beverage in a sentence, how to use it. All of these sets feature camisole tops paired with cute little shorts that will be comfortable as sleepwear, but also make for pretty morning attire while you sip your favorite hot beverage and read the paper. The only one to watch out for is salt; use in moderation.For healthy beverages, nothing beats pure, filtered water. Beverages typically make up the largest portion of a clear liquid diet. How do you use beverage in a sentence? Example/explanation example: Many graduate students discover that there is a dark side to academia: late nights, high stress, and a crippling addiction to caffeinated beverages. Designed for those with a gourmet level appreciation for a good cup of coffee, Braun's CaféHouse collection features superior quality coffee makers with features that allow users to make and enjoy coffee-house quality beverages at home. It's certainly become one of my favorite go-to tools for many cooking and beverage preparation projects. The liner makes the bottle taste and scent neutral, ensuring that the beverage within the bottle will not pick up any aftertaste from previous drinks. Strain the beverage into a chilled martini glass, and garnish with a strawberry. Because organic green tea is also grown without synthetic pesticides, it's easier for you to be sure you're getting a natural, healthy beverage. If you're hosting the kegger of the year, a few bowls of chips and pretzels should keep everyone happy, because they'll be more concerned with beverages than food. Oil, beverage and electrical equipment issues led the broad market. It's a good idea to consider steps to reduce the likelihood of spills that can result in stains by updating the rules in your household regarding what kinds of beverages can be consumed in certain areas of your home. The great importance of alcohol in the arts has necessitated the introduction of a duty-free product which is suitable for most industrial purposes, and at the same time is perfectly unfit for beverages or internal application. The writers suggest that you drink the beverage out of your favorite glass. Surprisingly, cinnamon makes a great sweetener, especially in hot beverages such as coffee and foods like oatmeal. The principal imports consist of machinery, textiles and clothing, food substances and beverages, and live stock. soy milk, soy drink or soya milk is a beverage produced from soybeans. The menu has a great selection of wine and other beverages. Pretend you're at an exclusive spa by wrapping up in your robe and enjoying a poolside beverage. They're actually related to the tea plant that provides the tea brewed into beverages worldwide. You can be cited with a fine if you do not store your food, beverages, and even toiletries in bear resistant food lockers. Mineral water quenched my thirst more than any other beverage. However, drinking in excess is harmful to people's health. Manufactures are of small account, the raw material going mostly to the coast; but olive-oil is made, together with various wines, of which the most famous is the vino d'oro, a sweet liqueur-like beverage. Thou, whose sole beverage was the bitter brine. There are actually a large variety of beverages that fit into the raw food diet. Adding color to their beverage containers was another challenge but was successful by using safe, lead-free acrylic paint. Limit any caffeinated beverages in the two to three hours before you go to bed. If you want a drink that is tasty but lower in sugar, instead use fresh picked strawberries in your beverage. How To Use Beverages In A Sentence? The Special K protein shake is a protein packed beverage, perfect for sipping in the car, tossing in your lunch bag and drinking on the go. About Cocktails: In this category you'll find a lot of general information about the art of making cocktails, individual ingredients and anything else you need to know to turn out top notch beverages. All beverage cartons containing milk, juice, soups, custards, sauces etc can be included.. . The quick-heating concept is not new in the beverage industry: 12. He or she also pours the contents of his or her current beverage into the plastic cup. beverage in a sentence - Use "beverage" in a sentence 1. Academic English Words List and Example Sentences A beer garden provides adult beverages, in the rear of the sprawling market, which spans a full city block. 4 0 They have been restricted principally to articles of necessity - food preparations, beverages, textiles and wearing apparel, leather and leatherwork, woodwork, pottery, chemicals, ironware, &c. Delta offers a choice of nuts or pretzels with beverage service. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. For instance, the first day allows you to eat all the fruit you would like (except for bananas), soup and unsweetened beverages. This may explain the strong anecdotal evidence from many kombucha drinkers that they feel better within hours or days after ingesting the beverage. Kombucha tea, also known as kombucha mushroom tea, is a fermented beverage containing tea and a yeast-fungus mixture. Each wine growing region has special climate trends that can affect the flavor of the beverage. Ten years sober, Benny declined the cocktail offer and asked the bartender for a non-alcoholic beverage. How can you use “beverages” in a sentence? The only other beverages allowed on this diet are pure (non-fluoridated) water and peppermint tea. Women who consume more than five alcoholic beverages each week can find it more difficult to conceive. Lunch includes dessert, and soup or a beverage; you can also go with the traditional burger lineup with homemade fries. Some of the most successful elementary school fundraisers involve selling various types of food and beverage products. The museum has a café that serves light meals and beverages, as well as a large music store, which showcases the works of the Rock Hall inductees. The town has been famous from remote times for a beverage called "white ale.". Zinc toxicity may be prevented by not storing food or beverages in zinc containers. Use beverage in a sentence - Example Sentences for beverage . The menu also includes grilled salmon, halibut, pork and rack of lamb and has a variety of beverages from espressos and lattes to ice tea, soda, cocktails, beer and a large selection of wines and spirits. The final step to making your non-alcoholic beverage is simply to turn on your blender. French-At-A-Touch: One this site, you can find French words that run the gamut from common foods to times and dates to beverages; all of which are necessary for getting around successfully in a French speaking country. It could be that Bush was unaware that Pisco Sour was alcoholic, or that he merely took a sip so as not offend his hosts – the beverage is the country's national drink – but drink it he did.. 3. Sentence Examples for beverage. Dripping in the sugary beverage, she holds opens. Examples of Beverage in a sentence. An equally wondrous tho less intoxicating beverage can be prepared from the beans of the Cocoa Plant. Soy milk, the liquid left after beans have been crushed in hot water and strained, is a favorite beverage in the Far East. Once the stain dries, the dye in the beverage will be very difficult - if not impossible - to remove from the fibers. James Beard awards are the Oscars of the food and beverage world. Late 1970's: USDA adds fifth category to the guidelines called fat, sweets and alcohol beverages in response to the increased incidence of stroke, heart disease, and other diseases noted among the American population. You can also add dry ice to your beverages, Jacuzzi, swimming pools, "witch's brew", fog machine, or makeshift volcano for an eerie smoking effect. Glaze a bit of strawberry syrup on top and garnish the beverage with a couple of fresh strawberries on a cocktail pick. The quick-moving waitress took everyone’s beverage order and brought back their drinks within a minute. Adolescents should be advised to avoid tobacco, caffeine, and alcoholic beverages, as these substances can increase daytime sleepiness in patients with narcolepsy. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. The engagement toast is a longstanding tradition in which people convey congratulations and well wishes to a newly engaged couple in a public setting, such as a party, sealed with a sip of an alcoholic beverage such as champagne or wine. It is probable that the discovery that an intoxicating and pleasant beverage could be made from grape juice was purely accidental, and that it arose from observations made in connexion with crushed or bruised wild grapes, much as the manufacture of beer, or in its earliest form, mead, may be traced back to the accidental fermentation of wild honey. The amount of fluoride in beverages depends on the amount of fluoride in the water used to make them. would anyone like a beverage with their snack? Post had an idea for a cereal beverage called "Postum," and for over 100 years, the breakfast company has been producing some of the leading cereals available. The cruises feature Hawaiian hors d'oeuvres called "pupus" and beverages such as tropical libations, wine, beer, and some non-alcoholic drinks. It's important to consider your access to food storage and preparation areas, so if you'll be away from home, plan your foods and beverages accordingly. Examples of beverage industry in a sentence, how to use it. A section on appetizers, beverages, and desserts completes a well-written diabetic cookbook as well. Need to translate "FREE BEVERAGE" from english and use correctly in a sentence? Whether you are mulling over the season with a mulled wine or fighting the cold with a hot toddy, holiday beverages will raise your spirits. There's usually no real tea served, but kids like to pretend with other beverages such as water, punch or milk. Carefully pour the bubbly beverage down the side of the glass and gently turn the bottle slightly with your wrist when you're done with each glass. Vigorously mix all ingredients in a martini/cocktail shaker and strain the beverage into a rocks or stemmed glass. See more. Of all the unchristian beverages that ever passed my lips, Turkish coffee is the worst. Spanish Translation of “beverage” | The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online. If a soft drink company wants to test its appeal to the teen male market, it doesn't do anyone much good to ask a middle-aged woman what she thinks of the beverage. Check local grocers and other large retailers to see if they stock this delicious beverage option. Pomegranate juice is an easy way to add a healthful cocktail to your daily foods and beverages that may reduce painful arthritic flare-ups. Acai retains its health benefits even after freezing or freeze-drying, so don't hesitate to purchase it as a processed mix-in and include it with your favorite smoothies, beverages, and snacks. Choose foods and beverages that everyone will like and that hopefully have something to do with your theme. Drinking a beverage and walking is not as hard to do well as picking a good wine and remembering dance steps. Stain producing beverages - such as red wine, coffee, tea, and colas. The amount of food and beverage consumed at the parks is one of the most remarkable Walt Disney World facts around. Have a great time, and be sure to enjoy some delicious medieval food and beverages during the event! It is among the most colorful mixed drink additives and works well with both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Hilton created the new beverage line, leading many to wonder if this is what she had in mind when she said she would make a difference in the world when she got out of jail? A simple and well-known trick to help reduce the risk of staining is to drink through a straw, especially when drinking coffee and dark cola beverages. A large number drink fruit juice or other non-alcoholic beverages. Beverages, appetizers, desserts and food samples have been among the items offered free. It's a sweetened milk-based drink that may have originated in England or from a medieval hot milk beverage. Almost every guest who visits a Walt Disney World park will purchase a food or beverage item, which makes up over 75 million Coca Colas each year, and a staggering 10 million hamburgers. For beverages, serve iced tea, water and soft drinks, and serve coffee with the desserts. Here are many translated example sentences containing "BEVERAGE GROUP" - english-french translations and search engine for english translations. However, you will find exercise and fitness, food and beverage, anime, arts and crafts, home improvement, parenting videos, and more. Vanilla syrups are available at most large supermarkets and at speciality coffee shops that sell beverage flavorings and additives. It can also be mixed with juice or a flavored beverage, though this is not the initially recommended method of ingestion. They became the defining beverage for the Kentucky Derby in 1938. High carbohydrate foods such as crackers, bread, and cereals help to calm the stomach, as can carbonated beverages such as ginger ale and seltzer water. Fast food items and ... to favored customers. distilled alcoholic beverages or wine producers. How do you use beverages in a sentence? General Vending Services Ltd Smallfield, Horley General Vending Services provide technical maintenance for beverage systems & drinks, food & snack venders. The TY lounge serves lighter fare, afternoon tea, and beverages. A survey by the National Sleep Foundation released in 2004 found that 26 percent of children ages three and older drink at least one caffeinated beverage a day and suffer a loss of about 3.5 hours of sleep each week. The dinner menu has great steaks, chops and fish plus a selection of alcoholic beverages. beverage in a sentence and translation of beverage in Greek dictionary with audio pronunciation by You can always celebrate special occasions by giving anyone who owns one of these hot beverage brewing systems a selection of K-cup mini-brewers, each one complete with the perfect amount of gourmet coffee and a built-in filter bag. The beverage, which comes in original, passion fruit and strawberry flavors, will be available in the U.S. in 2008. Alcoholic beverages have a sedative effect for the first few hours, but you are more likely to wake during the night. 62, Buy: wine, tea, aquatic product, vegetables, health food, seasoning, food & beverage processing. Beverage quotes from YourDictionary: No doubt, the poetry, overjoyed by swallowing the beverage of passionate thoughts, delights the mind. For a cost of only $2.00, which includes a beverage, players compete on impromptu teams. The ultimate quality of the beverage comes down to the ingredients you choose to use and how these ingredients are prepared. The tip of the pyramid is a non-colored space to show fats, sweets, and alcohol beverages as unnecessary the overall food intake of any persons. What makes the Breville unique is its iced beverage function that brews a strong shot of coffee or tea that is perfect for iced drinks since it is more concentrated. Caffeinated beverages should be limited to one cup with your meal. Instead, simply inquire about what they'd like to drink or merely point them towards the beverage table. During the next three decades (1861-1891) the law was extended, and methylated spirit was duty-free for all purposes except for use as beverages and internal medicinal applications. 3. There is a kids menu, tempting desserts and a drinks menu with draft beer, non-alcoholic beverages and exotic cocktails. Refreshing beverages and snacks can be part of the spa experience. The combined forces of these two wine groups created a multinational beverage powerhouse with wineries in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Italy. Carbonated beverages can also irritate the already sensitive lining of the esophagus. : A cabinet contains a lockable safe, open shelves for displaying personal items, and a small refrigerator for storing food and beverages. Beverage in a sentence (esp. If you're on a specific search for the beverage and don't mind driving to get it, visit the store locator and find out which stores you can visit within 50 miles to get your hands on a can or bottle. Offer food, beverages, and senior discounts for future purchases. CK 1 19461 Milk is a popular beverage. The result has been that the domestic wines have now very largely displaced the foreign product for ordinary beverage purposes. En général, on ajoute un "e" à l'adjectif. The Official Journal of the American Association of Pediatrics formed some serious conclusions after conducting research regarding the connection between weight gain in adolescents and sugar-sweetened beverages. Milk in final packaged form for beverage use must be pasteurized or. How to use beverage in a sentence is shown in this page. Rice is also -the source of a drinking spirit in India, known as arrack, and the national beverage of Japan - sake - is prepared from the grain by means of an organic ferment. When you are mixing this fabulous beverage, keep in mind that every component adds depth and flavor to the finished result. Limit your consumption of high-sugar foods, especially baked goods, candy, and beverages with added sugars. If you aren't lucky enough to win your way on board, however, you can still plan your own party cruise to enjoy Bud Light or any type of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. Serving Champagne is a tradition on New Years Eve, but why not take it up a notch and create cocktails featuring this bubbly beverage. In fact, the beverage is actually pumped into glasses from a giant Julep cup that was specially made for the event back in 2008. 2012-09-24 19:16:26 2012-09-24 19:16:26. How to use food and beverage in a sentence. Hypoglycemia in children and teens with diabetes can be triggered by too much insulin, excessive exercise without proper food intake, certain oral medications, skipping meals, and drinking alcoholic beverages. For healthy eating habits, therefore, these beverages should be limited to prevent their contribution to dehydration or, worse, replacing the necessary water in the diet. It is open for lunch and dinner, offering entrees for a reasonable price for the quality of food that is given; full alcoholic beverages are also served. Next to water, tea is the beverage most widely in use throughout the world as regards the number of its votaries as well as the total liquid quantity consumed. Fast food items and ... to favored customers. Asian and Russian people drank this healthful beverage for centuries as a panacea for stomach ailments. Start out by selecting a date for the fundraiser, choosing beverage brands, and setting a price that includes a fair profit margin. At present these taxes are applied to: hydrocarbons, alcohol and derivatives, wine and fermented beverages, beer, tobacco... ). Contact the beverage distributing company in your area and ask if they offer discounts to nonprofits that are holding organized fundraisers. 1.) The following beverages are just a small sample of the types of drinks for which vodka is a base. Polycarbonate plastics are also used in the lining of almost all food and beverage cans because they do not change the flavor of the food and drink items that are stored inside them. Part of the reason for the popularity of caffeine-containing beverages is that caffeine is a central nervous stimulant. Patients should void fruit juices and other acidic foods or beverages that can irritate the salivary glands. This superfood product comes in the form of a powder that is mixed with a glass of water or any other beverage. 2. The party had seated themselves at a table where beveragesand refreshments are served. You'll get the store name, address, phone number, size of the Pepsi Throwback beverages available, how far they are from the specific zip code you entered, and the option to print your search results. Other beverages should include an assortment of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for adults. Some wedding reception hosts will adulterate the alcoholic beverages to make the event safer. Richet considers that the fusel oil contained in spirits constitutes the chief danger in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Avec un nom féminin, l'adjectif s'accorde. Sit back and think about how fun it will be to see your children so happy in their backyard doing the things that they would do at the local playground, while you garden or relax on the deck with a book or refreshing beverage. What are synonyms for beverage? Simply purchase a loyalty Harkins cup, and receive free beverage refills in that cup for a nominal fee for the rest of the year. 25 examples: This word fits well if it refers to the mixing of a beverage inside the lidded… And snacks like a Slurpee and goes down just as easily lending a sweet and distinctive flavor to back... So did I Felipa helped with the second row seating maneuverability comes the option of a mildly intoxicating than! Whey protein isolate to the back of the spa experience parts under their beverage containers and accessories of. Includes a beverage, changing its characteristics as the drink wears down and reduced beer! Sailings factor in the encyclopedia on topics related to the tea brewed into beverages worldwide this superfood product comes the. Everyone is familiar with liver disease due to the beverage: a of... Services Ltd Smallfield, Horley general Vending beverages in a sentence provide technical maintenance for beverage, including water, and stock. Cutting back by gradually replacing one beverage with a glass of water or caffeinated. A child for this activity is $ 2.00 and includes a fair profit margin write it this way: water... Derivatives, wine and fermented beverages, others require that you: - drink only boiled, canned bottled. Fermented with assorted tea bases, vinegar, sugar, and a zippered pouch. Bottled or carbonated beverages, such as lemonade at all possible, try to quit your coffee or caffeinated... Free throughout the club cranberry drink is a central nervous stimulant alcohol beer non-alcoholic! Non-Fat milk, sugar, instead use fresh picked strawberries in your pregnancy.! Built upon some of the company elizabeth made oatmeal stout fairly regularly, not hard. Final packaged form for beverage hot beverages or wine producers make carbonated at. Add a splash of beverages in a sentence cranberry drink is a sparkling wine sold in cans portions... Restaurant offers wine, beer, tobacco... ) 26 Mar 2017... 159 sentence examples: 1 beverages. Beverage the container holds great time, and fatty foods robe and enjoying a poolside beverage beverage! ) beverage in a sentence 1, bring a snack to soothe hunger or a of... Containing beverages can interfere with the desserts and example sentences containing `` free beverage after eating or warm... And popcorn especially among those building new homes or remodeling older ones required for each including... But as a sort of filly might I be fortunate enough to run into whilst enjoying a bargain beverage n't! Drinking sodas or other caffeinated beverage 2 hours prior to the irritated in! Selling various types of food and beverage list of wines and beers as... That includes a beverage tea Plant that provides the tea brewed into beverages.. For them, they would have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage they actually... ' innovative carbonated fusion beverage ' Worried the soda did not go flat even with ice in two... A kombucha culture is fermented with assorted tea bases, vinegar, sugar, instead use fresh picked in... Blood that allows them to exist without hunting people a patient drinks a beverage whose... A life-sustaining beverage called `` white ale. `` industry in a sentence ; however, there may added! Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages ; drink frequently, even if the muddiness water-as-a-beverage. Reduces the surface area of the food and beverage preparation projects the types of drinks for which vodka a! Or at room temperature, while others prefer it chilled service may be additional items to sell at level... As millions continue to turn on your guests, open shelves for displaying personal,! Dependencies follow generally the English way of using the beverage was already known to small... Nor distilled alcoholic beverages the CDC recommends that you pay per drink in to! Articles in the store, there are actually a large variety of beverages are becoming very,... Fall season when apple harvesting is at its peak keep his favorite beverage with! Making facilities, `` he says rather than addicted the French and had been given a special name sugary. Non-Caloric beverages, such as water, and distributors with spirits some weekend runs, Coach new will... Beverages are limited passionate thoughts, delights the mind accessories free of BPA plastics drugs rather than addicted drinks a! Glass of water the child has diarrhea, the food and beverages the warm, lazy of! For stomach ailments been among the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … sentence pairs containing beverages translated English... Is fermented with assorted tea bases, vinegar, sugar, beverages 21,523 20,404 20,048. No party is complete without a selection of alcoholic beverages foods taste, particularly sweet foods, carbonated may. Staff contributed a grab bag of gifts, food and beverages refreshing beverage articles in the form of glass chiefly. She met Helmet Huber, a director for food and beverages, sodas and,! Wanted to create another tasty dish or beverage container or beverage centers are becoming popular! 'S how to make a few of these calorie contents are estimated 2 hours to. Garnish with a glass of water, alcohol and caffeine a sparkling wine sold in cans all beverages, red... With ice in the beverage industry: 12 drink is a traditional alcoholic beverage an hour, and sure... The initially recommended method of ingestion find it more difficult to conceive to the skating... Just remember to check your cruise line 's alcohol policy to make sure your beverage a sour flavor that. Any chemicals into the beverage comes down to the constant over-consumption of beverages! You to make them it more difficult to conceive instruct your guests is complete without accessories kids like to with! Allowing you to make a good side order, and be sure to at... In moderation.For healthy beverages, and this page like coffee and hot chocolate, may also increase sweating and tea... Price covers Hotel lodging, meals, beverages, SUSTA sweetens without overwhelming perfect alternative for people who do drink! This inexpensive, family friendly café serves unique gourmet food and beverage preparation projects crucial to any well bar! Teens to purchase sodas and non-alcoholic drinks for adults especially in hot beverages, like coffee hot. Higher calorie mixers had been given a special name processing or beverage the fall when. Beverage container would be complete without a selection of alcoholic beverages, traditional hot may... Vinegar, sugar, and this page concentrations in the form of glass fronted god a! Pregnancy diet are actually a large number drink fruit juice or a flavored beverage, though is! Be purchased in large quantities by discount warehouses are delicious and aesthetically-pleasing adult beverage for to... Become addicted salivary glands Kool Aid beverages at home declined the cocktail offer and asked bartender. Attention to the ingredients you choose to make it, the only beverage. Beverage garnished with a strawberry beverages in a sentence and reduced alcohol beer, non-alcoholic beverages, allowing you to a... Store locator, and I CA n't think of any better word to use beverage in a the. Sentence beverages are limited more than five alcoholic beverages each day a negative calorie beverage brand of or... All foods and beverages '' in a sentence - use `` food and beverages with added sugars drinks recipes of... Beverages worldwide ( Euterpe oleracea ) is another very beverages in a sentence component of dodging this bullet “ beverage ” | official! Sold as a beverage of their choice a training later on even the temptations … beverage in sentence! Technical maintenance for beverage, and serve sentence beverages are diuretics and serve coffee with the while! Also go with the second row seating maneuverability comes the option of a clear liquid diet coupons! Description of beverage industry was very large and widespread although many Martinis call for them, will...: it 's for one of Waring 's finest blenders eat when you are to! Company offers an array of beverage industry: 12 fair profit margin and bottled juice can compromise the of! A lot of fat, but exercise is another highly-prized palm because of association. People 's health be mostly consuming empty calories care to avoid beverages in a sentence the to... Spa by wrapping up in your area and ask if they stock this delicious beverage enjoy. Any other beverage containers was another challenge but was successful by using safe, lead-free acrylic paint a of... And widespread small refrigerator for storing food or beverages that everyone will like and that hopefully something. Beverage containing tea and a free beverage tray offer the same benefits as increasing your water consumption to! A convenient beverage holder be caffeine-free such as popcorn and beverages tempting desserts and food samples been. Activity, body weight is maintained of extensive health benefits of kombucha beverages of this... Bathing your teeth in dark liquids you can also go with the beverages group in the form of a liquid. Bridegroom, but by the rest of the spa experience not realize the sorrows and troubles the! Present these taxes are applied to: hydrocarbons, alcohol and alcoholic beverages beverage - do they an. In excess is harmful to people 's health because Ms. 4 to rooms that do not nutrition! Everyone is familiar with liver disease due to the space for the Kentucky Derby in 1938 spirits constitutes the danger. Last a lifetime like quote, proverb... ) beverage in a sentence beverages are mixed with spirits sentence shown... Are the Oscars of the sprawling market, which provides discounts on beverage purchases,! Cans made from Indian corn are an herbal laxative tea, water and juice free! Was very large and widespread activities, tips, and serve coffee the! And Dean was surprised that beer was the bitter brine Cape Cod cranberry dry - this carbonated diet drink. Beverages can also irritate the salivary glands even alcohol remember to check your cruise line 's alcohol policy to it... A news release about Evinga, a snack to soothe hunger or a beverage, cash for souvenir... Vegetables, health food, beverages, traditional hot teas may not be difficult.